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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Our annual Holiday Card Contest is back for the sixth year!  

Art students across all YES Prep secondary schools are invited to submit their artwork for the holiday contest with the intent of sharing their creative talents and the chance to have their card selected as the official holiday card to be sent out to YES Prep donors and friends.  


This year, we are thrilled to announce Angela Ramos, 10th grader at YES Prep Southeast Secondary, is our official 2022 YES Prep holiday card winner!

Angela’s artwork, titled “Sugar Cookie Wonderland” reminds you of your favorite winter pastimes — like building a snowman, ice skating and binging on Christmas candy. It is uniquely YES Prep because Angela used the YES Prep home office building for inspiration!  

Angela explained that her inspiration for “Sugar Cookie Wonderland” came from family attempts to build a gingerbread house during the holidays as well as the iconic visual of children playing in the snow during the winter. 


As this year’s holiday card winner, we connected with Angela to ask her about her experience at YES, what art means to her and her future graduation plans.     

Tell us more about yourself.  

Both of my parents are immigrants, my mom is from San Luis Potosí in Mexico and my dad is from Morazan in El Salvador. I’ve lived here in Houston my entire life. I am an only child, but I’m really close to my cousins and all the ones from my mom’s side have or currently attend YES Prep Southeast. 
Why did you attend YES Prep? 

Our family is really big on going to college and getting a professional career, so when it was time for my oldest cousin to attend middle school, his parents’ first choice was YES Prep Southeast. After that, we saw how great the experience was for him, and my parents and I decided this would be a good fit for me. 
What has your experience at YES Prep been like?   

I’ve had a pretty good experience with YES. My favorite teachers would have to be Ms. Washington, Ms. Crancer, Ms. Lucatero, Ms. Lee and Ms. Middleton. My favorite classes  so far are 7th grade science and Art I. 
What does art mean to you? 
Art is one of my main priorities and it has been for my entire life. A large part of my identity revolves around my connection to it. Art to me is something where I can truly pour myself into as well as connect with my ancestors. It is something I plan on pursuing as a career. 
What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 
At school, I am part of Girl Scouts and Yearbook Club, and am also the historian for both Student Council and Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica. Outside of school, I spend my time scrapbooking and customizing/up-cycling clothes. I am also a dancer and am part of the dance team Ruff Ryders at Soundbox Studios. 
What are your plans once you graduate from YES Prep? 
My plans are to major in fashion design and start a clothing brand. I would also like to minor in either business, dance, sociology or philosophy. I plan to continue dancing for a long time as well. 
What does YES Prep mean to you? 

To me, YES Prep is a community where many different types of people can feel included. I think a big part of YES Prep is being a family. YES is also a place where I know I will get the support that I need. I am glad my parents chose this school for me. 

Congratulations to Angela and all of our contest finalists from 2022! You can view the artwork from all of our 2022 finalists below and check out our past holiday card winners: YES Prep Southeast’s Daniella Diaz (2019), Christian Avila (2020), and Barbara Ruiz (2021).   

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