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The ACE program is designed to offer activities and resources for students and parents that continue to stimulate learning beyond the regular school hours. Currently, the ACE program is offered across 10 YES Prep campuses.

In this edition, we've decided to showcase the wonderful events that North Forest, White Oak and Northside were able to provide in the fall semester!

North Forest

ACE Site Coordinator: Jaimie Griffiths

Candle Chemistry

Emphasizing the fun learning activities of the ACE program, Candle Chemistry was able to teach students and parents the art of scented homemade candles. Students, with the supervision of their parents, were able to progress from simple scented soy wax candles to utilizing the carving tools and molds for creative, fun, and unique candle designs.

ACEcandle1 - yellow candle with carvings on it
ACEcandle2 - purple candle

Winter Holiday Celebration

Before the conclusion of the semester, the North Forest ACE program and the Fine Arts Team worked together to bring a successful Winter Holiday celebration to their students. Filled with holiday decorations, a virtual play and holiday-themed treats with the imprint “find your place in ACE 2021”, the Winter Holiday Showcase was able to continue the joy and inclusion of the holidays.


White Oak

 ACE Site Coordinator: Nakeria Satchell

Mariachi Night

Mariachi Night was an activity designed for families to have the opportunity to gather and recognize the achievements and contributions that the Hispanic and Latin-X culture have made over the years. Families were able to enjoy cultivating experiences through dance performances, savory food tastings, musical performances and theatre skits.


Senior Sunrise

The Senior Sunrise was an event for the senior class and their families to gather over breakfast refreshments and listen to presentations about upcoming dates and scholarship opportunities. Hosted for the first time this fall, the students hope for the Senior Sunrise to blossom into a White Oak tradition for years to come.



ACE Site Coordinator: Carnetta Griffin

Photography Club

High school and middle school photography clubs are unique spaces for students to express themselves through digital art. In each club, students take various pictures depending upon the project of the week. In high school, students take their pictures one step further in editing their photos to create collages as seen in one of the photos by Hennessy Lopez. Students are very proud of their work and enjoy seeing the world through a different lens.


Loteria Game Night


A successful and fun family event from the fall was the Loteria Game Night that was a partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Month committee.

This event took place on October 9, which falls on Hispanic Heritage Month.

Loteria is a Hispanic bingo game that is played across many cultures. It is also a fantastic game used to bring people together. It was to take this traditional in-person game and figure out how to play virtually. The fun and culture were still present even in a virtual setting.

Students and parents are still asking when the next game night will be.




Upcoming Events:

ACE Campuses host Kick-Off Meetings

Date: January 19- 22

Step- Up Pep Rally

Date: January 28

Rice College Ready Conference

Date: February 9- 11


Spring Programming Started January 11 for students

Family Engagement Activities start February 8