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ACE Program Newsletter - March 2021

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The ACE program is designed to offer activities and resources for students and parents that continue to stimulate learning beyond the regular school hours. Currently, the ACE program is offered across 10 YES Prep campuses.

The program, which is fully- funded, follows the YES Prep mission of student and family success. This mission allows the ACE program to offer activities to student and families that cover five components: Enrichment, Family and Parental Support, Academic Assistance, Behavioral Intervention and College and Workforce Readiness.

In this edition, we've decided to showcase the wonderful events that YES Prep West, Gulfton and Fifth Ward were able to provide in the Spring semester!

YES Prep West

ACE Site Coordinator: Jac'quese Hargrove

More Than My Shoe Size: A Glimpse at Sneakers and Their Social Journey

In celebration of Black History Month, students and staff came together to take an overarching view of the journey of sneakers, framed in the context of their social and political influence. The event also highlighted how the urban community was responsible for the mainstream explosion of sneaker culture, even though minorities were, and still are, widely scrutinized as consumers.

Additionally, two ACE students were awarded Foot Locker gift cards for their participation in the event.

Students are photographed while holding a card

Marvelous Chefs Cooking Competition

Students from the Marvelous Chefs Club were able to improve their perspective on health and wellness by learning how to cook healthier food options at home. With the guidance of the staff members, the students were able to learn the step-by-step process to prepare meals and snacks for themselves and others safely in their home. 

In January, members of the Marvelous Chefs Cooking Club participated in a Top Chef styled cooking competition! Each member was provided a recipe to prepare the specialty dish of choice, French Toast! Final submissions were voted on by ACE members and the winners received gift cards to Target!

YES Prep Gulfton

 ACE Site Coordinator: Daisy Perez

Newsletter Club Podcast - SpaceCity and Beyond

YES Prep Gulfton has found a fun and creative way to support the students who want to improve their writing and public speaking skills. The purpose of the Newsletter Club Podcast has been to give students a voice and show their perspective from a student experience. This has allowed students to be aware of the campus events and updates. More importantly, the Newsletter Podcast has given students an outlet for expressing their ideas in a creative, productive way. 

Students from the Newsletter club extended their interest and created a podcast. The first and second episode has been released with topics regarding the 2020 election Episode 1 and conspiracy theories Episode 2

Gulfton podcast - episode 1 and 2 hosts

Virtual Loteria Night

Students, parents and staff members connected virtually and enjoyed playing a popular LatinX game, Loteria. This fun event was able to provide a time for families and staff members to build positive relationships. At the same time, Virtual Loteria was able to raise awareness of LatinX cultural activities.

To continue the celebratory moment, the event included prizes such as: water bottles, face masks with YES Prep Gulfton logo, YES Prep Gulfton totes, keychain and t-shirts. 

Noche de Loteria Virtual banner

YES Prep Gulfton Presents: Black to the Future

Looking back at our past allows us to understand our present and prepare for the future. YES Prep Gulfton held a virtual celebrations for Black History Month that involved student and staff participation. In this event, students and staff members were able to submit dances, poetry, essays, songs and more. Following their virtual submissions, a video was created to portray all submissions. 

The Black to the Future event was a breath of fresh air and a moment of recognition for the Gulfton students and staff. Check out Gulfton’s virtual assembly to honor Black History Month here.  

YES Prep Fifth Ward

ACE Site Coordinator: Vanessa Flores

Cosmetology Club

The Cosmetology Club instructed by Ms. Prince quickly became a student favorite in YES Prep Fifth Ward. In this club Ms. Prince taught the ACE students hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, non-permanent hair removal such as waxing and sugaring, and permanent hair removal processes. After their experience in the Cosmetology Club, students have become motivated in pursuing a careers in Cosmetology. Ms. Prince, the students appreciate your dedication! 

Cosmetology ACE program

Trunk or Treat

The Fifth Ward site coordinator, Vanessa Flores, collaborated with the campus culture team to host a Trunk or Treat event. The families of students who had participated for 10 or more days were invited to join the event. This event was designed for families and staff to gather and celebrate a successful first month of ACE programming. 

The event became a community success as visitors from the community joined Fifth Ward families for event! Fifth Ward hopes to continue to provide events that engage the community.

Families are enjoying getting candy

Upcoming Events

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