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Jonathan Brown

Alumni are the heart and soul of our communities, destined to become the workforce, leaders and philanthropists shaping our future. At YES Prep, we believe in celebrating their successes and supporting them on their individual journeys. That's why our annual tradition of Alumni Sendoffs holds a special place in our hearts. 

Unveiling the Tradition 

Each year, YES Prep hosts Alumni Sendoffs at our fully-grown campuses. These events are made possible by our campus leaders, the support of our College Initiatives' Alumni Affairs team and the Alumni Association. They serve as a platform for teachers, college counselors and fellow alumni to come together and offer words of encouragement to our graduates as they prepare to embark on their college journeys, military service or other life paths. 

The YES Prep Alumni Sendoffs hold immense value in our community. They offer a chance for faculty, staff, alumni and current students to unite and honor the achievements of our graduates. The atmosphere is a beautiful blend of nostalgia, inspiration and excitement as we send off our own with well wishes and unwavering support. 

What makes these sendoffs truly remarkable is the diversity of paths our new alumni choose to pursue. Graduates from all walks of life, with different passions and dreams, gather under one roof to share their post-graduation plans. Whether they are heading to universities, entering the workforce, choosing to serve in the military or embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors, each graduate's unique path is celebrated and applauded. 

How Alumni Sendoffs Empower YES Prep Graduates 

The Alumni Sendoffs embody the unity and spirit that define the YES Prep experience. Graduates leaving our halls are not simply parting ways with a school—they are joining a network of accomplished individuals who are making a difference in various fields. Our vision is for each sendoff to create a lasting bond that extends far beyond graduation, fostering a sense of belonging and a lifelong connection to YES Prep. 

As we celebrate the achievements of our alumni and bid them farewell, we know that they carry with them the values instilled by YES Prep—resilience, determination and a commitment to making a positive impact. We are proud to witness their growth and look forward to seeing the incredible contributions they will make in their respective paths. 

To learn more about our Alumni Sendoffs and College Initiatives, visit our YES Prep website here.  

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