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September is Attendance Awareness Month!
Approximately 6% of students across all campuses missed three (3) or more days in the first three weeks of school.
Attendance in the month of September is a strong predictor of attendance throughout the year so the time to set clear expectations for consistent attendance is now.  

Showing up matters for R.E.A.L. It is an opportunity to:      

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Build Routines

Daily attendance routines, created at home or in school, can reduce stress for students and families and create a sense of safety and security, especially after chaotic transitions.   

Increase Engagement  

Being in school helps students to get to know peers, teachers and school staff, and to create trusting relationships that motivate students to participate in learning.   

Provide Access to Resources  

Schools help students and families gain access to basic resources such as meals, physical and mental health services, and fun enrichment activities including sports, clubs, music, and after-school and summer programs.   

Support Learning 

Learning is most meaningful when it is active, and social and allows students to apply concepts to real-life situations.  Showing up to school regularly helps students engage in learning that builds proficiency in reading and math which will help them to graduate from high school. 

Please visit our Attendance Matters webpage for more information on this crucial topic.

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