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D’Juan Hych
D’Juan Hych

My name is D’Juan Hych and I am from East St. Louis, Illinois. I am the oldest out of seven siblings, two brothers and five sisters. In 2012, I attended the Historically Black College & University of Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, where I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Marketing. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I headed to Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida where I received my Master of Science in Entertainment Business. My career aspirations were to enter corporate America or the entertainment industry, but my heart was steered in a different direction.

Calling to work with youth

D’Juan Hych

During my time in college, my mother always encouraged me to go into the education field. She knew how much I loved working with the youth. I worked in sales for about two years and, after much thought, I decided to apply for Teach for America. To my delight, I received my acceptance email and learned that I would be relocating to Houston. That email was life-changing and has brought so much joy to my life since. After four months in Houston, I was led to YES Prep Gulfton by Teach for America in July 2014. 

Since my arrival to YES Prep Gulfton, I have taught seventh grade English Language Arts (ELA), which I love! I have found that by incorporating topics from the real world into their reading and writing, students are better able to connect and invest into the subject matter. Like many of my students, growing up I was not a huge fan of reading. It wasn’t until I started to explore books that had characters that looked like me and found topics and hobbies that sparked my interest. As for writing, I enjoyed the opportunity it gave me to be creative and to express myself. I can now provide my students with these same opportunities by teaching ELA.

Each year, when a new handful of students who do not like reading or writing walk into my classroom, I challenge myself to help them find an appreciation for reading and writing. I challenge them to explore their interests and identity through literature and to use their words as a means of expressing themselves through writing.

Opportunities for growth

D’Juan Hych

Aside from teaching at YES, I have also served as the Grade Level Chair, Course Facilitator, Curriculum Writer, Induction Teacher Leader, and Dance Coach. This is one the reasons why I enjoy working at YES Prep because there are many opportunities to explore leadership while remaining in the classroom. I have been able to grow as an effective teacher and campus leader, allowing me to be more influential in the school setting.

I have many friends in education and I feel what sets YES Prep apart from many districts are the many opportunities it provides. YES invests a lot into growing their teachers. I have access to yearly professional development sessions as well as development coaches. If you are a veteran teacher, you will be able to take your teaching to another level through YES Prep’s rigorous and effective data-driven instruction.

Where passion meets purpose

As I mentioned before, I am passionate about working with youth but I am also passionate about closing the educational gap. I am passionate about providing black and brown students the tools they need to succeed. I am passionate about seeing a change in today’s society. Because of these and many more things, it has driven me to my calling, my purpose, of being an educator. The future leaders of tomorrow need an educator who is going to give 100% Every Day and do Whatever It Takes. This passion and purpose can be tough but it adds fuel to my fire when I wake up and know that I’m shaping the world into a better place, and that starts with our youth.

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