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Trace Capital, formerly known as Denham Capital, champions a well-rounded educational experience, including art instruction and expression. Through Trace Capital’s commitment to YES Prep’s mission and vision, they have made significant investments in underwriting YES Prep students’ holiday art contest and creating awareness of YES Prep to their friends and supporters by featuring our student’s artwork in their company holiday card.

In addition to supporting our annual holiday art contest, Trace Capital has also supported YES Prep with $295,000  in resources since they became active supporters in 2009.

To learn about Trace Capital’s commitment to YES Prep, we invited Jordan Marye, Trace Capital’s managing partner and current YES Prep board member, to answer a few questions.

Can you share about Trace Capital’s commitment to supporting public education?

Trace Capital is an energy focused investment firm that has long supported education organizations that are making an impact on the greater Houston community. We believe that quality education is a right and a necessary building block of a vibrant and thriving Houston. For this reason, Trace and its predecessor, Denham Capital, are proud to be supporters of YES Prep since 2009.

Why did Trace Capital choose to support the YES Prep Holiday Art Project?

We support this project because of its direct involvement with the students of YES Prep. It is a joy for us to see their talent and to share that talent with our family and friends in the community.

We support the art project by providing art supplies for nearly 100 contest participants from 10 secondary schools across the system. For the top student talent, we award them with art supplies and gift cards, plus we frame their artwork. The teacher of the top student talent is also celebrated with gifts.

Can you share who this year’s winner is?

This year’s Holiday Art Card winner is Emily Rodriguez, a 10th grader from YES Prep Northline Secondary. According to her artwork submission, her piece titled “Holiday Penguins” was inspired by her love of penguins because they are “adorable and cute.” For this reason, she felt they would be perfect for this holiday card. We are excited to have a Trace Capital representative presenting her with an award on January 6 at her school. 

Why is supporting YES Prep students important to Trace?

We believe building better communities starts with high-quality educational opportunities. YES can deliver this critical service at scale to Houston’s most deserving communities. We are eager to support the positive impact YES has on its students and families and the whole of Houston.

As a longtime friend and supporter of YES Prep, can you share any personal highlights or experiences of Trace Capital’s partnership with YES Prep?

My favorite experiences with YES have come at the campus, student and staff level. Seeing the work, professionalism and impact – YES in action – up close is inspiring and a clear demonstration of what can be accomplished by mission-led professionals and students who care about improving the education outcomes in Houston.   

Anything else you’d like to share about Trace Capital’s support of YES Prep?

Quality education is a critical building block of a vibrant and growing society. Moreover, all students deserve the opportunity to reach and maximize their potential, regardless of need. Trace is proud to partner and support YES Prep’s mission to provide quality, free public education for the benefit of all of Houston.

We would like to thank Marye for sharing with us more about Trace Capital’s commitment to education and for their continued support of our students and YES Prep.

YES Prep Corporate Partnership program offers several ways for companies to get involved: volunteering, serving as a career speaker, internships and in-kind donations. If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, click here.

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