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October was a busy month for our YES Prep SPARKS!  

For a month known for its Halloween costumes and festivities, our elementary schools spent equal amounts of time preparing and showing their support for other important causes — from breast cancer awareness to the importance of child nutrition and bullying prevention. What’s more impressive is how our students showed up as a community to show that there is strength in numbers. 

Continue reading below to see how our SPARKS participated in each of these major causes.  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Among the largest awareness campaigns in the country, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For nearly four decades, this has been a time annually devoted to providing education and providing resources to shed light on the importance of early detection. Our SPARKS at East End Elementary and North Central Elementary wore pink to support and honor the fighters, survivors and loved ones we’ve lost.  

National Bullying Prevention Month 

On October 12, students at Southeast Elementary locked arms in support of bullying prevention. They wore blue colors as a sign of solidarity. Families are encouraged to speak to their children about this topic. To learn more about prevention and how to speak to your child about this topic, visit

A note on bullying: No one should be subject to bullying and it will not be tolerated at our schools. If you believe your child is being bullied at school, please notify their teacher or counselor immediately. Students may also report any incident of bullying anonymously through the Student Self-Referral Form (SAF). To learn more about YES Prep’s standards of student conduct and behavior, click here to visit our Student Handbook and Code of Conduct webpage. 

National School Lunch Week  

During National School Lunch Week, celebrated October 10-14, schools focus on sharing the benefits of healthy school meals for students. It’s also fitting that YES Prep recently announced a brand-new food menu for our students that they really love! From the fresh enchiladas to the signature garnishes that the chef puts on many of the dishes, our cafeterias are filled with a wonderful aroma. To celebrate National School Lunch Week, our cafeteria team members also gave out fun prizes like bracelets, scented erasers, scented pencils, scented pens and t-shirts to the students. 

Our YES Prep community is a strong group of dedicated teachers and staff who support our families and students inside and outside the classroom. Through these activities, our students are learning about issues and the importance of banding together to confront them. We can’t wait to see what other awareness days, weeks and months they celebrate the rest of the school year. 


If you would like to enroll your child in one of our YES Prep schools, we are currently accepting lottery applications for the 2023-2024 school year! If you’re interested in learning more about our schools and how to apply for the student lottery, click here


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