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Jonathan Brown

As November bids farewell and the final leaves fall, let's reminisce on the moments that painted the hallways of our YES Prep elementary campuses. In every corner, the spirit of togetherness was present through simple joys, from family picnics to heartwarming Thanksgiving lunches. This November, each school crafted its unique Fall story, filled with festive days, community gatherings and shared smiles. 

Let’s take a stroll through the various activities of this month, celebrating the moments that shape YES Prep into a home for our families.  

Family Picnic Day 

Our school grounds transformed into a land of blankets and smiles during Family Picnic Day. Our families gathered for a day of shared laughter, delicious treats and the simple joy of spending quality time together.  

Family Gathering 

Fall festivities were celebrated with our Family Gathering. Parents, teachers, and students came together to strengthen the bonds that make our communities so special.  

Anti-Bullying Week 

Empathy and kindness took centerstage during Anti-Bullying Week. Through engaging activities and thoughtful discussions, YES Prep SPARKS learned the importance of standing up against bullying and fostering a culture of respect. 

Fall Festival 

The Fall Festival brought a burst of color and excitement to our campuses. From pumpkin decorating to carnival games, the festive atmosphere was contagious.  

Thanksgiving Lunch 

Our annual Thanksgiving Lunch was a feast for the senses. Families joined their little ones for a special meal, creating cherished memories and reflecting on gratitude. 

Fall-Themed Days 

Dressing up in autumn hues and creative costumes, students reveled in Fall-Themed Days. From goofy hats to spooky outfits, each day brought a new opportunity for self-expression and fun. 

SPARKS Assembly 

The SPARKS assembly ignited a passion for learning and growth. Students gathered to celebrate achievements, share talents and inspire one another, creating a sense of pride and unity within our school community. 

As we move forward to December, the warmth of these shared moments will linger throughout the rest of the school year. It’s wonderful to see our YES Prep community continue to thrive, creating a nurturing environment where every SPARK can flourish. Here's to the beauty of the season and the promise of more heartwarming memories to come! 

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