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Aaron Jay Ledesma

On Saturday, April 13, YES Prep secondary students gathered at Ecclesia Downtown for the 2024 Intersections: Fine Art Showcase, where, for the first time, a digital media gallery, theatre performances and music performances were featured, representing all 15 YES Prep Secondary campuses! 

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible.” - MaryAnn F. Kohl 

The Intersections: Fine Art Showcase began because student publication is a critical part of any fine arts program, and multi-school, community-based showcases—away from a student’s home campus—create a platform for students to share their talents with a wider audience. The event allows them to take pride in their work, receive recognition for their efforts and be a part of the larger YES Prep and Houston artistic community. These events help students envision their full artistic potential and continue to strive for excellence. 

The showcase featured a variety of arts, talents, and creativity, including:  

  • more than 360 pieces of art in the visual and digital media gallery 
  • five theater performances  

  • three music performances, and 

  • one dance performance. 

It was truly inspiring to see the variety of artistic expression and talent that our YES Prep students have throughout the showcase. From individual monologues and original scripts to a watercolor portrait of Selena and impressive magazine cover concepts, our students found creative ways to express themselves and give us a glimpse of what inspires them.  

The event was organized by Jessie Crandall, Director of Instructional Technology and Electives, who shared the importance of fine arts at YES Prep Public Schools. 

“Fine art and elective classes contribute to a student’s holistic personal development and foster creativity, critical thinking, self-expression, and cultural appreciation. These courses expose our students to rich cultures, perspectives, and ideas. In all our fine art courses, students learn to think outside the box and develop innovative approaches to solving a problem or expressing an idea. These are vital transferable skills they can take with them as they explore college and career opportunities or develop meaningful passions.” 

Transitioning from the showcase's success, Crandall illuminated the broader significance of such opportunities for YES Prep students. 

“Through this 2024 showcase, 50 performers and over 350 student artists and digital media creators will get to add this event to their high school resume, and I cannot overstate the value of performing or having your artwork hung in a professional venue,” she stated. 

The showcase's impact becomes evident when observing the connections between students and their parents, as well as between students and their teachers. Crandall loves meeting YES Prep families and hearing how fine arts courses unlocked students’ self-confidence or brought out skills they didn’t know they possessed. 

“I watched countless students beam with pride as they performed and made eye contact with their clapping parents or as they pointed out their artwork on the wall,” says Crandall. “Events like this show students that there are no limits to what they can accomplish, and they get to have that feeling while their home crowd looks on! There is no better feeling, and that is why our Fine Art Showcase is my favorite day of the year.”  

As we reflect on the inspiring displays of talent at the 2024 Intersections Fine Art Showcase, we are reminded of the vibrant creativity and unlimited potential embodied by YES Prep students. With the support of our community and the dedication of our students, we are forging a path toward a future where creativity knows no bounds. Here is to the journey ahead filled with endless artistic possibilities! 

Click here to view this gallery on YES Prep's SmugMug, where you will find the collection of galleries we take all year long!

YES Prep would like to thank the Ecclesia Downtown staff for hosting the event, collaborating on event planning, and providing day-of staff and support. We are so grateful for your support of our students and the arts!


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