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YES Prep is currently hiring for the 2021-2022 school year. For our future staff and teachers considering joining our YES Prep Hobby Secondary family, we wanted to give you a glimpse into Hobby and introduce you to the school’s principal.  

YES Prep Hobby Secondary, home of the Aviators, was founded in August 2019 and is YES Prep Public School’s nineteenth campus. Located only two miles from Hobby Airport and seventeen miles from Johnson Space Center, YES Prep Hobby currently serves grades six and seven, and will be a full-grown school of sixth through twelfth grade in the 2025-2026 school year. We look forward to welcoming some future Aviators from YES Prep Southeast Elementary in 2024!  

Meet Chase Sander, founding principal 

Chase Sander is the founding principal at YES Prep Hobby Secondary. Chase previously served as the principal of YES Prep Hoffman Middle for three years, and the operations manager at YES Prep Fifth Ward Secondary for three years. Chase also worked for Teach For America and served students in the Rio Grande Valley as a Teach For America corps member. Chase is a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin. Chase is currently a Cohort 7 fellow of the Leverage Leadership Institute through Relay Graduate School of Education, a selective fellowship program that empowers leaders to create a greater positive impact in their schools and education systems. 

Hobby Secondary’s school culture and goals 

Hobby - Chase Sander, principal, with students and CEO

How long have you been the principal of Hobby Secondary and can you summarize what your experience has been during this time? 

I have been the principal at YES Prep Hobby Secondary since we opened our doors in August 2019. I was previously the principal at YES Prep Hoffman for three school years.  

My experience in leading Hobby has been unique not only because we were a founding school last year, but we also were in our founding year when the COVID-19 pandemic began. This meant that we built two schools in one year – our in-person school and our online school. Our school has continued to persevere through challenges and adjust to support our students and families all while doubling in size – both in staff and students this year!  

What are your favorite things about Hobby Secondary?  

One of my favorite things about our school is our students. We have built close relationships with our students and their families as a new, growing school. We have enjoyed building the foundation of long-lasting relationships as we ensure our Aviators have a strong middle school foundation and preparation for high school. We are excited to help them on their journey to their ultimate destination – college readiness.   

I also love our school building! We have a beautiful school for students to learn in and teachers to teach in, complete with a courtyard with outdoor classroom and a great field for our athletics program. We have a wonderful, conducive space for learning for all. 

I love working at YES Prep Hobby because I love having the opportunity to have a new challenge each day as we grow out our school to best serve the Greater Hobby Community.  

What makes Hobby Secondary different from the rest? 

One of the things that makes Hobby unique is that we are a growing school. Every school year continues to be an opportunity for us to experience something new, create new traditions, and build deeper relationships with our families and the community we serve. All staff members at Hobby get to be a part of our founding and have a unique impact on what it means to be a YES Prep Hobby Aviator.  

What type of teacher would be ideal for Hobby Secondary? 

The ideal teacher for Hobby is excited about building the plane while we are flying it (pun intended!). As we continue to grow our school, we will be building traditions, rituals and a culture of achievement for all students. The ideal teacher is willing to do whatever it takes to support our students and build relationships with our families to ensure student success.  

Describe Hobby Secondary’s culture. 

We are the YES Prep Hobby Aviators, and our school is located just 1000 yards from the north runway of Hobby Airport. As Aviators, we stay focused on our ultimate destination of college readiness. We live this out through our core values of teamwork, responsibility, courage, stamina, creativity and wisdom.  

HOBBY - Chase Sander, principal, with staff outside of school

What are Hobby Secondary’s top priorities this coming year? 

During the 2021-2022 school year, Hobby will be a fully-grown middle school with sixth through eighth grade, so one of our priorities will be around codifying what the middle school to high school transition is for our Aviators. Additionally, we will start planning and preparation for the launch of our high school and high school academic program for our students.  

Where do you want Hobby Secondary to be in five years?  

In five years, we will be preparing to graduate our founding class – the class of 2026! 

I hope that in five years, Hobby will have established itself as a community school where staff and students feel safe to be themselves and students are on the path to college readiness.   

Learn more about joining the YES Prep Hobby family  

If you would like to join the teaching staff at YES Prep Hobby Secondary for the 2021-2022 school year, we invite you to join us for our upcoming Teacher Hiring Event on Tuesday, March 30, from 4:45 to 7 p.m. You will have the opportunity to do one-on-one interviews with Chase Sander. To read more details about this event and to register, click here.  

To view ALL current career opportunities with YES Prep, visit our job board.