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Jonathan Brown

Today was a special day at YES Prep North Forest Elementary as we celebrate National School Breakfast Week.

YES Prep Public Schools commemorates National School Breakfast Week every year, stressing the importance of why students should eat breakfast every day.

This morning as students ate their breakfast, our Nutrition team hosted a National School Breakfast Week event at our YES Prep North Forest Elementary. Texas Collegiate Softball Star Janae Jefferson, who played second baseman with the University of Texas and is currently with the USA softball team, visited with first and second graders. She did a softball "show and tell" with the students and passed her 2022 World Games gold medal around. The Houston Astros Shuttle Crew was also present, passing out swag and quizzing the students on Astros trivia.

The students felt really honored to have a professional athlete like Jefferson in their presence, and she even brought her gold medal and softball gloves for them to hold. The kids were so excited that they had trouble containing their enthusiasm! The Shuttle Crew was also incredibly lively, getting the students to shout out chants and answer questions about their favorite Astros players and more!

Overall it was an amazing experience for all involved - the energy in the classrooms was palpable with enthusiasm and excitement! It was truly inspiring to see how much fun everyone had while still learning about the importance of breakfast and nutrition.

Thank you Nutrition team for hosting this fun event and we look forward to next year’s National School Breakfast Week festivities!

Click through the slideshow to view images from today's event. 

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