YES Prep Public Schools
Jonathan Brown


YES Prep welcomed its first founding elementary schools during the pandemic. And for the last two years, Senior Signing Day was first hosted virtually and then in-person but limited only to only the seniors declaring and their immediate family. However, this year we were excited to return to the large-scale event Senior Signing Day has become and welcome back our eighth through eleventh-grade students to attend the event. 

Now, with YES serving elementary students as well, we are proud to introduce a NEW tradition. An opportunity for our YES seniors and YES elementary students to reflect on their future...together! 

Pre-Senior Signing Day will become an annual May tradition where seniors from the elementary school's sister campus will visit and rehearse their walk across the big stage prior to the official Senior Signing Day. To add to this special day, seniors will also don their graduation gown and cap.

In return, elementary students get a glimpse into their future witnessing YES students achieve the ultimate goal...graduation.

The event's main goal is to highlight this pivotal moment for our seniors to be celebrated for their accomplishments and for our younger children to be inspired to want to follow in their classmate's footsteps. 

Currently, there are four campuses that celebrate Pre-Senior Signing Day — North Central Elementary, Southeast Elementary, North Forest Elementary and Southside Elementary. 

Welcome to North Central Elementary's Pre-Senior Signing Day 

The North Central Elementary cafeteria was energetic as students piled in to honor and recognize the North Central seniors as they practiced their send-offs. Nothing is better than seeing our kids be able to envision their journey to graduation and ask questions to the seniors about what it takes to reach graduation. 

View the gallery to relive the best moments of Pre-SSD at North Central!