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Jonathan Brown

With May being the time for end-of-year events, senior experiences and our capstone event Senior Signing Day, there’s a reason for students to get excited. But it’s not only our seniors who get to celebrate.  

This month, our elementary students were treated to a VERY special moment and a glimpse into their own futures at YES Prep. 

Visualize elementary students leaving their classroom to find high school seniors parading through the halls, dressed in their graduation cap and gowns. The looks of shock and excitement on the faces of our younger students were priceless as the assembly of seniors made their way through the elementary wing. High fives were given out, future goals were shared and inspiration was sparked. 

A North Central senior student with her younger sister from North Central Elementary.

Our senior assembly is one of our most popular traditions at YES Prep. It is a powerful way to show our elementary families and students the path that lies ahead of them. Seeing our graduating seniors in their regalia demonstrates to our younger students that college is within their reach and that big goals and dreams are achievable through hard work and persistence. The happiness of the elementary students and the pride of our seniors make the senior assembly an event you can’t miss. 

YES Prep East End Elementary teacher, Ann Perez, shares her detailed experience of the assembly: 

“It was so exciting seeing our SPARKS cheering the East End Seniors as they walked through our campus. Seeing their faces light up and jump up with joy and excitement as we wished the seniors well wishes on their way to college, was truly an amazing experience to be part of. When I was watching the Seniors walk through, I could hear our students say, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s going to be us one day!’ It is truly a privilege to offer our SPARKS the same opportunity to receive the education they well deserve so they can go on to graduate and continue their journey as the Class of 2023 will do.” 

Another East End Elementary staff member shared a much different perspective about how it was a bittersweet moment to watch the seniors walk through the halls. 

“I remember when they walked in through similar halls at the start of their sixth-grade year. I thought it was going to take forever before they graduated. Now, here they are saying goodbye to a campus that watched them grow. And my little ones look forward to one day doing the same. As I imagined that moment with our elementary students, I got a little teary-eyed. But at the same time, I was full of joy and excitement thinking of things to come for the Class of 2023.” 

The YES Prep Senior Assembly is an inspiring event that serves as a concrete source of motivation for our elementary students. When they see their senior role models in their cap and gown, it should serve to remind us all why we are here—to ensure that our youth are given every opportunity to reach their dreams and aspirations. At YES Prep, we believe that dreams are worth chasing and achievements are worth celebrating! 

Congrats Class of 2023! We wish you the best of luck in your future and are excited to see what amazing things you will do! 

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