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Christopher Beard

Chris Beard's story is an inspiration to anyone contemplating a career in education. His path to YES Prep was not a straight line, but rather a journey paved with purpose and a desire to make a difference. Beard is a dedicated educator at YES Prep Gulfton Secondary, where he has been inspiring students since 2015. He currently teaches Math 8 and Algebra 1, fostering a love for mathematics in his students. Beyond his teaching duties, Mr. Beard serves as the Student Council (StuCo) Advisor, guiding students in leadership and community service. 

From Recruiter to Role Model 

Chris's previous experience in recruitment exposed him to a reality he yearned to change. He saw young men lacking the necessary skills to succeed, and while he helped them find opportunities, he felt unfulfilled by the impact he was making. Witnessing his wife's fulfillment as a YES Prep educator planted a seed in him. He recognized his own communication skills and genuine desire to empower young people could translate into a fulfilling teaching career. Reflecting on his own education, he saw a void he wanted to fill as someone genuinely invested in engaging young people in conversations. This realization led him to take the leap and become an educator at YES Prep. 

Leading C/O 2024 through their first culture day in 2017.

Leading C/O 2024 through their first culture day in 2017. 

Demystifying Greatness: A Continuous Quest 

Chris's approach to teaching is driven by a constant pursuit of improvement. He embodies the idea that "greatness" is not a destination but a continuous journey. His mantra, "Better tomorrow. Better next assessment. Better next lesson. Better next period," underscores his unwavering commitment to self-improvement. He further emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. By collaborating with his planning partner, who shares his passion for excellence, he pushes himself and his partner to continually strive for better. 

YES Prep Gulfton attends Fiesta Texas in 2023. 

Building Transformative Relationships 

The story of Chris and Santiago exemplifies the profound impact educators can have beyond the classroom walls. When Chris first encountered Santiago, a sixth grader struggling to stay focused, he could have lowered his expectations. Instead, he embarked on a journey to understand Santiago's motivations and goals. By dedicating time and forming a boys' group, Chris fostered a space for connection and accountability. This relationship transcended the physical classroom, extending to Santiago's high school years. Witnessing Chris's unwavering support and seeing him celebrate Santiago's progress instilled a sense of responsibility within the young man. The culmination of this transformative relationship came with Santiago's graduation, an achievement that not only inspired him but also motivated his siblings to return and complete their high school education. 

Chris Beard and his student Santiago during Robing Ceremony for YES Prep Gulfton in 2023.  

Chris Beard's story is a testament to the power of dedication, self-reflection, and the transformative potential of building genuine relationships with students. It is a reminder that educators can act as catalysts, igniting a spark that can change the course of their students' lives, and even generations to come. 

Chris Beard has been creating life-changing opportunities for students as a math teacher for 9 years at YES Prep. He grows student leaders through his role as a Student Council Advisor. Additionally, he has earned the highly rigorous designation of TIA (Teacher Incentive Allotment) Exemplary Teacher and the highest level of performance as a Level 4 teacher at YES Prep. Mr. Beard has left a lasting impact on hundreds of students and he is just getting started! 


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