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For multiple consecutive years, Michael Healey, art teacher at YES Prep Northline Secondary, and his art students displayed and promoted their artwork to dozens of spectators in the city of Houston through Houston’s annual Art of the Avenue celebration. Art on the Avenue is the biggest silent auction of local art in Houston, thanks to the strong network of partnerships that includes our very own YES Prep art community.  

Bringing Art to the Heart of Houston 

Art on the Avenue is not just an auction but a celebration of creativity. For years it’s been a platform where Houstonians can purchase unique artworks while contributing to philanthropic initiatives to bring communities together. YES Prep's commitment to this event reflects its dedication to fostering community connections and supporting local initiatives. 

As attendees immersed themselves in the stories provided throughout the night, Jessie Crandall, director of instructional technology and electives at YES Prep, found herself captivated by the event's unique atmosphere. 

“By participating in Art on the Avenue, our students are not only exposed to the broader Houston art community,” said Crandall. “The art community is exposed to the incredible work happening at YES Prep and in YES Prep’s fine art courses.” This year it wasn't just the breathtaking artwork that left a lasting impression; Crandall also mentioned how [Michael] Healey's vision of bringing more students continues to expand. “This year the YES Prep Northline music club added to the atmosphere of the reception. By donating their work for auction, YES Prep students can directly contribute their talents to a wider audience.” 

A Glimpse into the Student Showcase 

“I honestly got goosebumps as I walked through the event and heard parents sharing their pride directly with their students.” 

Among the standout contributors to Art on the Avenue were the talented art students from YES Prep Northline Secondary. Their creations added flair to the silent auction, but for Crandall, the true magic unfolded not just on the canvases, but on the faces of artists and families in attendance. 

"Seeing our students light up as they showcased their work for family, friends, and the whole Houston art scene was pure joy," Crandall reminisced. "Getting to exhibit your art in such a professional setting as a high school student isn't just a moment; it's a milestone.” And the impact was etched all over their faces and in the way they explained their creative choices.

“I honestly got goosebumps as I walked through the event and heard parents sharing their pride directly with their students.” 

These stories serve as a great reminder of what the power of education and the beauty of the arts can do for kids of all ages. Our partnership with Art on the Avenue supports local artists citywide and reinforces our commitment to community engagement and fostering a passion for the arts among our students in general. 

“Any time students have the opportunity to showcase their work in a public setting, it builds their identity as scholars, as artists, and as future creative professionals,” said Crandall. “When students see their work and ideas as worthy enough to share publicly, they feel empowered in all aspects of their lives.” 

By building and fostering relationships with community events and partners, teachers can help students develop different interests, aspects of their identity, and ideas of what is possible. Sometimes the work that happens outside the four physical walls of the classroom is equally as important as the learning that happens in real-world settings. By marrying incredible school-day academic experiences with community-based opportunities, we empower students to reach their full potential.   

We are proud of our budding artists at YES Prep Northline Secondary and we are excited to continue watching them unleash their creative magic into the world.  

<Click here to view the full event gallery from the event> 


Art on the Avenue is the biggest silent auction of local art in Houston, and a great place to buy art! Support our local artist community while benefiting Avenue's work to give Houstonians the opportunity to live in quality homes in healthy, vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods! 

Since 1996, Art on the Avenue has generated over $2 million to support the mission of Avenue and over $700,000 to local artists. 

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