YES Prep Public Schools
Jonathan Brown

The Northside community has a storied history when it comes to the Houston art scene. Now they have more additions to add to the collection.


From November 4 through 6, artwork by students from YES Prep Northline Secondary was displayed and promoted to over 200+ spectators who bid for student art pieces for a good cause through Art of the Avenue — a silent auction event whose proceeds support Avenue Community Development Corporation’s (CDC) overall mission to build affordable homes and strengthen communities. 

On Saturday, November 6, YES Prep student artists had the opportunity to bring their families to view their artwork at Winter Street Studios. 


This year, ten of our YES Prep Northline students were selected to participate in the Art on the Avenue event. Their work ranged from nature portraits to abstract art. All students are part of Mr. Healey’s 10th-grade art class, which has also been a key contributor to the show since 2015. 

“I’ve always been involved with Art on the Avenue, as a professional artist, where I contribute my art to the show. The show itself is gigantic. It’s 250 professional artists and they asked me to organize the student show. Out of the ten students that attended, six were there with their families. And the amount of pride we saw from families was pretty neat. To see the look on their parent's faces was really amazing.” 

Aside from our YES Prep Northline Secondary campus, Healey also invited students across multiple schools throughout the Northside community to get involved, including KIPP Generations Collegiate, Spring Woods High School and Northside High School. The student art raised a total of $3,220 that will go directly to community development in Northside Houston. 

The Art on the Avenue event has been a great benefit to all those who participate and provides a solid experience for students who are submitting their college resumes or scholarship applications. In addition, the service and pride they give to their Northside community and parents, respectively, is invaluable.  

The full list of YES Prep Northline participants and their artwork (listed in alphabetical order) includes Jessica Barrera, Julio Borja, Jade Perez Cabrera, Elise Clopton, Jocelyn Flores, Manseratte Machuca, Alexa Medrano, Sofia Perez (1st place winner), Sophia Simmons, and Jacky Vargas.

You can view their artwork below:



Of the 40 students in the Northside community who participated, the 1st place prize went to YES Prep Northline Secondary student Sofia Perez. Perez first noticed her skill in art when she used to freehand in art classes.  

After the event, Perez took time to share what her art piece represented: 

“My favorite animals are coy fish and cats. Also, I like rainy and cloudy weather, so I wanted to create a piece that put it all together.”  

Needless to say, Perez’s art piece — which was a representation of self — was well accepted.  

In addition to being the best student art piece, Perez’s art was auctioned off at $150 and she was acknowledged with a certificate and a huge bag of art goodies donated by Jerry’s Artarama, a popular Houston Art Supply store. 

“The bag had some pencils, a sketchbook, acrylic paint and a canvas. I was so happy and grateful. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Healey because he helped me with choosing colors and providing some painting ideas like the trees in my portrait.”  

Perez shared her gifts to the world, and it was received as inspiration to others, which is what art is all about.  



The Art of the Avenue takes place every year and provides artists an opportunity to use their talents and gifts to help those in need. Also, 100% of the sales from each student piece goes to Avenue CDC (Community Development Cooperation) for low-income housing in the Northside of Houston. The event features artwork from more than 250 local Houston artists.  

Now in its 24th year, Avenue's annual fundraiser has gained a reputation as a fabulous event for artists, architects, developers, art collectors and young professionals to mix and mingle in support of good art, good food, and a good cause. Click here to learn more about Avenue.