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Welcome to YES Prep Southeast Elementary's Bedtime Stories, a monthly virtual reading session where curiosity thrives and SPARKS — from prekindergartners to fifth graders — can cozy up in their pajamas while they explore diverse themes through captivating stories and interactive discussions.

How bedtime stories increase experiential learning 

Led by the passionate Ms. Ghee, teacher and librarian at YES Prep Southeast Elementary, these gatherings are more than just bedtime tales, they're springboards for learning! SPARKS can dive into topics woven into their school curriculum. Each month, a new adventure awaits, themed around cultural celebrations like Hispanic Heritage Month or thought-provoking subjects like environmental activism and social justice. 

“So far this year we have discussed being nervous about coming back to school, Native American water activists, important Latina women, the power of individual actions, and peace!” shared Ghee. “It's a moment where ALL grade levels come together to discuss topics that have been introduced in school while learning new vocabulary and expanding their minds with more literature.” 

Ghee believes that having an additional educational experience outside of the school day allows for kids to stay engaged with their reading, even when they are not on campus. Outside of serving as a modeling exercise for other teachers and schools to potentially adopt, bedtime stories add layers that go beyond the entertaining reads and funny voices that Ms. Ghee incorporates into her events. It all comes down to one simple statement. “We want to make lifelong readers who love reading”, she said.  

Lifelong readers are lifelong learners, ready and willing to learn to improve their lives and the people around them. Learning isn't attached to a classroom, it should be viewed as a majestic tree, not confined to a pot but nourished by the environment surrounding it. This is how Ms. Ghee runs her reading sessions. 

We want to make lifelong readers who love reading

Future opportunities at our elementary schools 

While the current groups thrive with intimacy and insightful discussions, Ms. Ghee's vision stretches far beyond the screen. "Reaching more would be incredible," she mentioned. Imagining classrooms buzzing with post-session discussions and collective storytelling. Teaching reading strategies, partnering with communities, and empowering families to engage are just a few bricks laying the foundation for a brighter future. As Ms. Ghee reminds us, "It's all thanks to the kids; they give some deep analysis and they teach me a lot." And in their boundless curiosity, we can lay the seeds of a future where bedtime stories blossom into a community of learning, nourished by imagination, connection, and the sheer joy of discovery. 

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