YES Prep Public Schools
Students receiving hotspots

YES Prep partners with Sprint's 1Million Project for third consecutive year to provide reliable internet access

For the 3rd consecutive year, YES Prep is proud to partner with Sprint’s 1Million Project to provide reliable internet access to our high school students. The 1Million Project aims “to help 1 million high school students who do not have reliable Internet access at home reach their full potential by giving them devices and free high-speed Internet access.” This year, YES Prep is distributing an additional 400 new mobile hotspots to our high school students.

High school students who do not have high-speed internet are eligible to receive the devices. As part of the 1Million Project, they’ll receive 10GB per month of free high-speed LTE data. Unlimited data is available at lower speeds. With that data allotment, Sprint estimates that each student can send 420 emails, visit 480 web pages, and watch 14 hours of video. And with 84% of students saying it’s easier for them to complete more of their homework in a comfortable, convenient, and safe place, YES Prep students expect to use their devices at least once a week. [1Million Project Survey]

 “This [Wi-Fi device] really comes in handy when the power goes out." said Diego Aguilar, 12th grader. “Last night the power went out in my house, so I really needed this hotspot which I didn’t have [at the time]. I just had to use my phone.”

"It's helpful to get work done when I'm outside my house." Added 11th grader, Jahir Cortez. "Sometimes I have to go to football practice, and I have to wait for my mom. So, I can pull this out and do my homework. It's fast and efficient.”

Since 2017, all the previous devices handed out to students are still active. We still have more than 400 new mobile hotspots available to offer students who don't have reliable internet or who want to be able to access the internet wherever they are.