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Photo Credit: Harris County Clerk Office

At YES Prep West Secondary, greatness is not just a goal. It's a journey. Meet Julian Garcia, a determined 10th-grade student whose achievements are an inspiring testament to the incredible potential YES Prep students possess. 

Julian's journey begins with an exciting opportunity that was presented to him in the summer of 2023– acceptance into a program focused on law. Julian was one of 32 students selected to participate in the 2nd annual Summer Legal Academy (SLA), presented by The Office of Harris Country Attorney Christian D. Menefee.  

Throughout the two-week program, Julian was able to dive into a world of legal intricacies, from understanding what lawyers do on a daily basis to the path one takes to become a lawyer. Julian shared, “Before becoming a lawyer, they will tell you how to get into law school and what they're looking for. It’s not just about legal proceedings, it’s about demystifying the journey to becoming a legal expert.” 


A future filled with choices 

It’s very clear that Julian's enthusiasm for the law is palpable and his career aspirations are already taking shape. He's drawn to criminal and public defense, particularly helping those who cannot afford legal representation. He is also intrigued by Child Protective Services cases, a realm of civil law that encompasses foster care and adoption. His choices reflect a deep commitment to making a positive impact on his community. 

But who is Julian beyond his legal aspirations? He's a teenager with a love for music and socializing with friends. In school, while he excels in reading, he has a sincere dedication to his academic performance. 

Julian's journey into law is relatively recent. In his earlier years, he aspired to become a teacher. However, now that he’s delved deeper into the legal field, he is called to this profession. "Being a lawyer is more helpful than I imagined," he explains. His desire to aid people facing complex issues like immigration and false accusations drives his passion. 


The moment of acceptance 

Photo Credit: Harris County Clerk Office

When Julian learned about his acceptance into the program, excitement bubbled within him. It was more than just an opportunity, it was a recognition of his potential. "They chose me," he says with pride. “I got really excited because they mentioned that it isn’t available to everyone, you have to be accepted.” He’s not wrong. Students from 17 independent school districts in Harris County submitted applications. 

The application process required him to write essays and to submit letters of recommendation. The rigorous application process taught him the importance of dedication and preparation. Julian's goals for the program are clear, he wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of law and is eager to grasp not only the legal proceedings but also the diverse areas of law: civil, constitutional and corporate. 


A mother's love 

Behind every successful student, there's a dedicated parent. Ana Gonzalez, Julian's mother, radiates joy in her son's achievements. She highlights how YES Prep has been a transformative choice for her family, providing a high-level academic environment and fostering a sense of community. 

Ana's message to families is simple: "Support your child's dreams." Whether it's becoming a mechanic or a chef, she believes that limitless opportunities await those who follow their passions. 

Julian's time at YES Prep West Secondary, supported by his mother Ana, exemplifies the potential within every YES Prep student. With determination, a nurturing community and unwavering support, students like Julian are not just dreaming of greatness; they're achieving it. Julian Garcia is a shining example of the high level of student achievement that YES Prep cultivates, inspiring us all to aim higher and dream bigger. 


Message to the Community 

Julian possesses qualities that will undoubtedly serve him well on his journey. Looking ahead, he plans to seek internships in law-related careers to deepen his understanding of the field. He understands the value of building connections, which will play a pivotal role in his journey. His message to fellow students and peers is one of resilience and support, as he encourages everyone to take notes and nurture existing connections. “You never know when you'll need either of them in the future and it may just be what you need to achieve your goals.” 

Julian's story is not just one of personal achievement; it's a testament to the boundless potential within YES Prep students. With determination, support and a commitment to excellence, Julian is on a path to making a lasting impact in the legal world and inspiring those around him. 

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