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Through the generosity of various organizations and individual donors, the YES Prep Alumni Scholarship Program was able to support many alumni pursuing a college education for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

In total, the YES Prep Alumni Scholarship Program provided over $145,000 in financial support to YES Prep alumni pursuing college during the 2022-2023 academic year, empowering them to succeed in college and to pursue lives of opportunity. 

Class of 2023 Alumni Scholars 

There are various types of scholarships that comprise the YES Prep Alumni Scholarship Program. Below is a brief description of each scholarship type, as well as scholarship and program eligibility requirements.  

Please note, the following students have elected to be recognized publicly as scholarship recipients. This list is not inclusive of all 2022-2023 scholarship recipients 

The Norman Rowlinson Trust Scholarship 

Rowlinson is a four-year renewable scholarship totaling $12,500. YES Prep alumni must be enrolled full-time at a four-year college or university outside of Texas and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA. 16 Rowlinson Scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2023:

  • Adriana Echeverria Alvarez, West Secondary 
  • Beverly Flores Gallardo, East End Secondary 
  • Daisy Torres, Northside Secondary 
  • Daniel Sosa, East End Secondary 
  • Diana Martinez, Gulfton Secondary 
  • Esmeralda Fajardo, Southeast Secondary 
  • Ja'Nas Allen, West Secondary 
  • Jenifer Silva, Northbrook High 
  • Jose Mejia, Northbrook High 
  • Kamila Posada, Southwest Secondary 
  • Myla Soliz, North Central Secondary 
  • Richard Cornejo, Northbrook High 

The Greer and Elizabeth Pagan Scholarship 

The Pagan Scholarship is a four-year renewable scholarship totaling $8,000. The scholarship supports YES Prep alumni who attend a college or university outside of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas or Oklahoma, and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to renew the scholarship each year. 6 Pagan Scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2023:

  • Alejandro Rodarte, North Forest Secondary 
  • Itzel Ramirez, North Central Secondary 
  • Jair Sanchez, North Central Secondary 
  • Jorge Garcia, Northbrook High 
  • Jorge Plancarte, Eisenhower High 
  • Marcela Benavides, Brays Oaks Secondary 

The David and Jean Wiley Scholarship 

The Wiley Scholarship is a one-time $1,000 scholarship awarded to YES Prep alumni enrolled full-time at a college or university and has a 2.5 GPA to receive spring disbursement. 10 Wiley Scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2023:

  • Angel Romero, Gulfton Secondary 
  • Ashley Flores, White Oak Secondary 
  • Brianna Lopez, Northbrook High 
  • Gabriel Velazco, Fifth Ward Secondary 
  • Gil Trujillo, North Forest Secondary 
  • Mardy Santos, Gulfton Secondary 
  • Miguel Diaz, Fifth Ward Secondary 
  • Yuluisa Santana, White Oak Secondary 

Assistance League of Houston Scholarship 

The Assistance League of Houston (ALH) Scholarship is a one-time award of $1,000 for YES Prep alumni attending a college or university in Texas and obtain at least a 2.5 GPA to receive spring reimbursement. 8 ALH Scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2023:

  • Ashley Ramirez, Gulfton Secondary 
  • Hoan Do, Northbrook High 
  • Kiana Reyes, Southwest Secondary 
  • Paulina Virgen, North Central Secondary 
  • Sieanna Powell, Brays Oaks Secondary 
  • Yareisy Aguirre, Northside Secondary 

The Pathways Scholarship 

The Pathways Scholarship is a one-time award totaling $1,000, to support alumni attending a community college pursuing an associate’s or professional certificate. 33 Pathways Scholarships were awarded to the Class of 2023: 

  • Alexa Salinas, Southeast Secondary 
  • Angel Enriquez, Fifth Ward Secondary 
  • Angel Zuniga, North Forest Secondary 
  • Ariana Flores, Southeast Secondary 
  • Ashley DeLeon, Southside Secondary 
  • Ashley Ramirez, Northbrook High 
  • Ashley Yepez Garay, Northbrook High 
  • Chelsea Caballero, North Central Secondary 
  • Dulce Calderon Guerrero, Southeast Secondary 
  • Edgar Vargas, Eisenhower High 
  • Francisco Vega, East End Secondary 
  • Joslyn George, Northside Secondary 
  • Liliana Sorto Martinez, Gulfton Secondary 
  • Marlyn Morales, Southwest Secondary 
  • Nelson Villalobos, East End Secondary 
  • Ziomara Renteria, Northbrook High 

Additional scholars 

YES Prep offers additional scholarships that are supported by individual donors and organizations to support additional scholars, these include: 

  • Jenkins Family Scholarship: 
    • Brian Broussard, Southside Secondary 
    • Roxana Cuadrado Levis, North Forest Secondary
  • Trollman Scholarship
    • Brenda Pineda, Southeast Secondary

Congratulations to all our recipients! We wish them all the best in this next phase of their lives!  

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