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Decision Meetings are an exciting milestone for YES Prep seniors, but there is still more work to do after those important conversations with their college counselor.

Below are some things to do and prepare for after they have had their Senior Decision Meeting, based on their intended post-high school pathway.  

College Pathway

  • Ensure your senior's vaccine record is updated and that they have received any vaccines necessary for enrollment (i.e., the Meningitis vaccine). 

  • Ensure your senior has identified housing plans and submitted their housing contracts if they are living on-campus 

  • Ensure your senior has registered for a Freshman Enrollment Day (This is usually where students also meet with key support staff from their campus and register for classes) 

  • Ensure your senior reaches out to their Alumni Transition Specialist if they need support 

Military Pathway

  • Ensure your senior has connected with his/her recruiter to follow up on any outstanding tasks 

  • Ensure your senior has information on Boot Camp/Basic Training dates and locations 

  • Ensure your senior provides his/her college counselor with the recruiter’s contact information so that their college counselor can send a copy of their final transcript to show proof of high school graduation 

  • Ensure your senior reaches out to their Alumni Transition Specialist if they need support 

Career Pathway

  • Ensure your senior has a strong resume that highlights his/her knowledge and skills (Seniors worked on resumes during Senior Seminar and should have a strong start to their resume writing process) 

  • Ensure your senior takes advantage of career search and preparation sites/organizations such as the Texas Workforce Commission or Workforce Solutions 

  • Ensure your senior reaches out to their Alumni Transition Specialist if they need support  

If your senior has not had their Senior Decision Meetings with their College Counselor, please make sure to reach out to their school’s college counseling team on how to schedule the Senior Decision Meeting. 

The following family conversation guides will help you prepare for the Senior Decision Meeting and are great resources to review before meeting with your child's college counselor: 

English Conversation Guide // Spanish Conversation Guide 

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