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Families, in the weeks following Spring Break, YES Prep will be offering field trips to the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) to take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment.

What is the Texas Success Initiative Assessment?

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The Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2 (TSIA2) is a placement test used by all public colleges and universities in Texas, along with various private institutions, to measure a student’s college readiness in Math and English.

This test determines what level courses students will enroll in as college students. Aside from the TSIA2, there are other ways your child may demonstrate college readiness, which includes meeting a certain score on the SAT, ACT or STAAR test.

Making TSIA2 accessible to seniors

Completing the TSIA2 is a common barrier to college enrollment because students must use their own time to set an appointment at a testing site, pay for the test and find time during business hours to take the test. This is often difficult to do when students have class and/or start a job.

YES Prep will remove this barrier by providing bus transportation and covering the test fee for seniors across the district to take the TSIA2 at the UHD testing center. Field trips will start on March 24 and end on April 13.

Next steps

Students who need to take the TSIA2 have received communication from their campus or will be receiving it when they return from break. You will be asked to sign a permission slip, with test date information, to allow them to travel to UHD test.

The TSIA2 is not a timed test, but if your child does not finish in the time available, they will need to return to the UHD testing center on their own within 10 days during testing hours to complete the test.

Students will receive their test scores at the end of the test and will be able to use them for 5 years.


To learn more about TSIA, click here to visit the Texas Education Agency's website for more details.

If you or your child have questions about TSIA2, please reach out to your alumni transition specialist. To learn who the alumni transition specialist for your campus is, click here.

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