YES Prep Public Schools

Message from our CEO

Welcome to YES Prep Public Schools!

In 2015, YES Prep adopted a long-term vision statement for where our mission will take us in our great city: every child in Houston will have equitable access to a public school that delivers an excellent, college- ready education.  

To ensure we realize this vision, we engage in rich discussions about serving ALL children and deep conversations about embracing diversity. We ask, “How deeply do we believe in the potential of all kids?” and “How deeply do we value diversity in our teammates?”  

Serving all students who choose YES Prep and respecting the diversity of all YES Prep students are two of our most core cultural values.  

Thank you in advance for setting aside time to visit us online!  

Serving all students with conviction and embracing the rich diversity of all of our teammates are lofty goals — ones that may never be fully achieved. I am convinced that when we harness the power of our collective will for all of our students, we will exceed even our highest expectations of success.  

I’m excited to see YES Prep continue to thrive with you as part of our family!  


Mark DiBella  
Chief Executive Officer