Credit Recovery

YES Prep offers Credit Recovery to high school students who fail one or two semesters of certain courses during the school year.

Students are encouraged to sign up for Credit Recovery in order to avoid retention and ensure they stay on track to meet their academic goals. 

If you have questions about your student’s grades, please speak to the High School Dean of Students at your home campus.  

Session for 2019-2020 School Year

YES Prep Spring Credit Recovery is available to 9th and 10th graders who failed the first semester of Algebra I, English I, English II or 12th graders who failed two core courses (1.0 credits) required to graduate.  Seniors who failed more than two courses required to graduate may be able to sign up for a 3rd course upon successful completion of the first two courses.  If your student is not eligible for Spring Credit Recovery, they will be able to regain credits during our Summer Credit Recovery Program.

Students eligible for Spring Credit Recovery are strongly encouraged to sign up to avoid retention and ensure they stay on track to meet their academic goals.  If you have questions about your student’s grades or the registration process, please reach out to the Director of Student Support at your home campus.

Registration dates: January 22 - 31, 2020
Cost: $100 per course
You are able to register by: 
  • Completing a Spring Credit Recovery Registration Form (available at the Front Office), or 
  • Meeting with your campus Director of Student Support.
  • At your campus front office with cash, or
  • Online with a credit card
*Please keep your receipt to show proof of payment, if needed by campus

Spring Credit Recovery Online Payment Link with a Credit Card:

Make a payment

Program Changes:

The Spring and Summer Credit Recovery Program will utilize an online platform, Edmentum PLATO, to administer Credit Recovery.  The use of an online platform, opposed to a traditional teacher instructor, allows us to offer more courses for Credit Recovery, reduces the last-minute changes to the program due to enrollment, allows for students to enroll on their home campus or a campus closer to them, and reduces the cost of each course by 50%.  We still strongly value the impact of a YES Prep teacher providing additional support and instruction during the online course, so all students enrolled in Credit Recovery will take the course in a YES Prep classroom with a YES Prep instructor there to monitor the students’ progress towards completion, provide additional instruction and support when needed, and communicate with families.


Transportation will not be offered for Spring Credit Recovery


For families who register before January 31, 2020, we will offer a refund if YES Prep is forced to cancel the class the student registered for because of factors outside the family’s control (such as lack of teachers or funding).

Refunds will not be issued in the case of a student who fails to attend or complete Spring Credit Recovery, regardless of reason. This includes illness, family vacation, or other academic spring opportunities.

To request a refund, please email by February 3, 2020. We will process refunds in the order received.

**If payments were made to a campus, please make the refund request with the campus directly.

Attendance Policy

Spring Credit Recovery will be offered for 6-hours a week for 6-weeks.  This provides students with 36 hours with a YES Prep instructor to complete the course.  Attending during this time is required by students enrolled in Spring Credit Recovery.  Students will not be able to work on the course outside of these hours.  Should a student successfully complete their course with a passing grade prior to end of Credit Recovery, they will no longer need to attend. 

Behavior Expectations

The same expectations our students follow during the school year apply at Credit Recovery. Students should be in a proper YES Prep uniform per the student handbook, including polo, khakis, and belt. Students should start with basic school supplies, including pens, pencils, and notebooks.

Students who display a pattern of poor behavior or commit a serious infraction (including any offenses that would result in suspension according to the YES Prep handbook) will potentially be removed from the program without refund and will not regain the credit.

Final Grades

Students are not guaranteed to earn credit simply by attending Credit Recovery. They must demonstrate growth in key skills and successfully complete all aspects of the course with a passing grade in order for credit to be awarded.


Please direct all questions regarding YES Prep Spring Credit Recovery to your student’s campus.  If you have questions about a refund for the course, please email and include a copy of your electronic receipt.