Lottery FAQs

How does the YES Prep lottery work?

Applicants create an account and submit an application online.  YES Prep uses a computer system to run a random lottery each year in February.  After the lottery is run, students who are not selected are placed on a waiting list.  Applications and waitlists do not roll over from year to year.

When does the YES Prep lottery season begin and when does it end?

The lottery season begins on November 1 and ends on February 10. If the deadline has passed, you may still submit an application to be placed on our waitlist.

When will the YES Prep lottery be run?

This year, the lottery will be run on February 20, 2020.

How and when will I find out the YES Prep lottery results?

Lottery results will be available online on February 28, 2020.

Will I receive notification even if my child didn’t get in?

All families submitting a lottery application will receive a electronic communication (email or text message, depending on selected preference on application) stating whether or not their child was accepted by the lottery or if they are on the waitlist.

Does it help my chances if I apply multiple times to the same school?

No. YES Prep allows applicants to submit one application to three different YES Prep schools. Duplicate entries are deleted prior to running the lottery. 

Does it cost money to attend YES Prep?

YES Prep is a free, open enrollment public school.  We do not charge tuition to attend.

Does YES Prep provide transportation for students?

If the student lives more than 2 miles away from their primary campus, YES Prep will provide transportation for them to that particular campus. Applicants will be notified whether they are in the primary zone or not when they apply to the lottery.

What YES Prep campus should I list on my application as secondary choices? 

Applicants can use the map on the application website to help them select other YES Prep schools as secondary choices.  Applicants do not need to pick secondary campuses if they are not interested in attending those. Transportation will not be available to secondary zoned campuses.  Please note that YES Prep partnership schools are not able to select secondary choices due to our contract with the ISD partnership schools.

My student already attends YES Prep. Do I have to reapply each year?

No.  Lottery applications are only for students outside the YES Prep district who desire to enter into YES Prep the following school year. Students who are currently attending YES Prep should not apply for the lottery as returning students are automatically enrolled into the subsequent school year.

I have a child already attending YES Prep and I want to enroll their sibling.  As a parent, do I have to submit an application for the sibling of my current YES Prep student?

Yes. Eligible siblings of current, existing students must apply to the lottery for admittance into YES Prep. Eligible sibling applicants are sibling applicants who share at least one biological parent or one legal guardian and who do not have an active YES Prep expulsion on their school record.