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Utilizing at-risk and discipline data, community partnerships have been established to meet the support needs of students and families in the following areas-academic enrichment, health and wellness, parent education, life skills, psycho-education, mentorship, recreation, and abuse/violence prevention.

ABUNDANT LIFE                                                                                    
Community-based mental health counseling and support for clients suffering from emotional, behavioral, or other mental health issues through its wrap-around services.

BEE'S BUSY                                                                                                              

Aims to build the understanding and knowledge of high school and middle school students and their communities as it pertains to substance abuse, mental health and sexual health using Hip Hop music and culture.   

BO'S PLACE                                                           

Bereavement center offers grief support services to children, ages 3 to 18, and their families who have experienced the death of a child or an adult in their immediate family, as well as programs for grieving adults.


Connects low income families to educational, health, and financial resources to improve their quality of life.

BOYS TO MEN TEXAS                                                                                         

Programs are designed to create safe spaces for both boys and mentors to develop positive and healthy relationships built on honesty, consistency, and accountability.

CHANGE HAPENS                                                                                           

Program educates youth 14-19 on abstinence plus, teen pregnancy prevention, HIV/AIDS, STDs/STIs, and positive youth development using evidence-based curriculum BART: Becoming a Responsible Teen (character education).

CRIME STOPPERS                                                                                                 

Crime reduction and safety programs to students, school staff, parents which includes Safe School 101, Internet Safety, and Reporting Recognized and Disclosed Child Abuse and Neglect.

DEBLIN HEALTH CONCEPTS                                                                         

Provides mental health clinical and consultative services in traditional and non-traditional settings.

DR. COLLIER SERVICES                                                                     

Comprehensive prevention model called Pathways to address the high risk behaviors that lead to chemical and alcohol dependence in youth.


Leading education technology company with the mission to help Districts teach critical topics such as financial capability, character education, career choice and digital literacy.

ESCAPE FAMILY RESOURCE CENTER                                                       

Provides abuse prevention programs and parenting classes to combat emotional, physical, and sexual violence towards children.

FAMILY SERVICES OF GREATER HOUSTON                                         

Empowers children and youth to make positive decisions about drugs and alcohol use through group psycho-education and in-class/in-school sessions.

FIRST AND GOAL                                                                                                 

Virtual Equip 24/7 Mentoring and Leadership Development Program is dedicated to developing ways to change the problems at the heart of our students, campuses, and communities.



Provides well-child sport and school physical, illness and examinations, vaccination and immunizations for students and siblings.


HOUSTON AREA WOMEN'S CENTER                                                       

Provides sexual and domestic violence prevention education.

HOUSTON FOOD BANK                                                                                 

Provides quality weekend meals for students and families.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT                                                                                             

JA Career Success curriculum equips students with the knowledge required to get and keep a job in high[1]growth industries through exploration of workplace skills.

LEGACY MENTAL HEALTH                                                                             

Provides quality healthcare to meet the mental and physical wellness needs of students and siblings.

LONE STAR LEGAL AID                                                                             

Provides free student and family health insurance enrollment for all YES Prep campuses. Future Considerations: agency participation in registration and parent events.

LOVE 146                                                                                                         

Prevention curriculum designed to teach youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation through information, critical thinking, and skill development.

M.E.N. INC                                                                                                                 

Assist young men with finding a realistic and obtainable balance spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and otherwise through mentorship and education.

MOSAIC TREE COUNSELING                                                                                 

Gives parents, foster families, and children uniquely customized psychotherapy in the comfort and privacy of their own home or in our comfortable office.


Prevention and education services highlight the dangers of drug use, reinforce self-esteem, and educate teens and adults to make positive choices.


Provides confidential support groups for depression & bipolar disorders.

STEP UP                                                                                                                   

Offers social emotional, well-being, and mentorship opportunities that support the whole girl.

TEEN AND FAMILY SERVICES                                                                       

Provides teens and entire family the tools, skills and knowledge to deal with substance abuse problems in a holistic way.


Program provides at-risk 9th and 10th grade girls with life skills training relevant to financial, professional, and personal success.