YES Prep Public Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about YES Prep Elementary Schools. If you have a question that is not listed, please contact

Is it free to attend a YES Prep elementary school?

Absolutely, YES Prep Public Schools is a tuition-free public charter school system. YES Prep has no tuition, admission exams or interviews to admit student. We are required by law to admit students using a lottery process to select applicants  when there are more applicants than available seats. 

How many students are typically in each class?

Campus instructional leaders and teaching assistants will work side-by-side with teachers and students to personalize instruction in kindergarten to second grade classrooms with approximately 24 students in each. 

Does my child have to reapply each year? 

No, once your child is enrolled in a YES Prep elementary school, they are automatically reenrolled every year until 12th  grade.  

Does my child have to reapply to attend a YES Prep secondary school? 

No, once your child is enrolled in a YES Prep elementary school, they are automatically reenrolled every year until 12th  grade. Students will automatically be enrolled at the closest zoned secondary campus.  

What after-school activities/programs/care are available? 

After-school programs will be determined and added with input from families in each school community as the school opening date approaches. 

How often are students tested throughout the school year? 

Texas elementary students only take state-mandated STAAR assessments in grades 3-5. YES Prep elementary students will participate in short diagnostic assessments during the school year to help teachers pinpoint areas of strength and need in order to maximize instructional time.

How are YES Prep elementary students graded? 

Elementary students will be assessed using a combination of daily work, classroom projects, and classroom assessments. Parents can expect ongoing communication from their child’s teacher on progress being made and areas of support needed at home. Students will receive a report card at the conclusion of each grading period.  

Is transportation provided? 

Transportation is provided for students in kindergarten through 12th grade who live two or more miles from campus within its zoned boundary.  

What elementary school curriculum does YES Prep use? Is it the same state curriculum other districts follow? 

YES  Prep designed its elementary school curriculum to help children fall in love with learning through high-volume reading, solving real-world and complex math problems, engaging in scientific inquiry, and understanding the world around us. Each day is filled with joy, the buzz of learning, and opportunities for students to find their own voice to express their ideas, collaborate on projects, and discover new talents—all while preparing for the demands of college, careers and life.  YES Prep’s curriculum is fully aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, which all public school systems across the state follow. 

Do students have recess? 

Yes, elementary students will have a minimum of 30 minutes of daily recess at every grade level.  

Do parents need to buy school supplies? 

Yes. A back-to-school supply list will be provided for each grade level at the beginning of each year. Campuses will provide support for families needing assistance.  

How much homework will YES Prep elementary students have? 

YES  Prep students will receive homework that is grade-level-specific to reinforce skills taught in the  classroom.  The amount of homework will vary  throughout the school and grade level depending on skills students are learning.  Students should also read for 30 minutes each day in addition to homework assignments. 

How are teachers supported and held to a high standard?  

YES  Prep teachers go through a rigorous review, selection, and hiring process with  robust support and professional development throughout the school year to ensure that every student has qualified, highly skilled, and effective teacher. 

What grade levels will be offered in August 2021? 

YES  Prep elementary schools will be offering pre- kindergarten through third grade in August 2021 at two of our schools- YES Prep North Central Elementary and YES Prep Southeast Elementary. We will offer pre- kindergarten through second grade at the two newest elementary schools opening next fall- YES Prep North Forest Elementary and YES Prep Southside Elementary. We will grow students into grades 4-5 in subsequent years.