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Third, fourth and fifth-grade students will be taking the reading and math common assessments on Tuesday, January 23, and Tuesday, January 30. Fifth grade students will also take the science common assessment on Tuesday, February 6. These assessments are aligned in rigor to the STAAR state test that your child will be taking at the end of the year. The STAAR test is used by the state and schools to determine a student’s readiness for the next grade level.   

The common assessment will mirror the approximate length of STAAR assessments. It is designed to take around 4 hours, but students have the entire day to complete it, if needed. Teachers will use the results of this test to plan for reteaching content, provide interventions, create new learning goals for your child and assign the support needed to ensure that every student grows and improves their readiness for the next grade level.    

Helping your child be test-ready 

Please help your child be successful in this test by supporting them with the following:  

  • Ensure your child goes to bed early and gets a good night's sleep.  

  • Ensure your child comes to school early on test day to eat breakfast. Ideally, your Sparks should be at school by 7:15 a.m.  

  • If your child is eating breakfast at home, it is recommended that it is a breakfast low in sugar and high in protein.  

  • Talk to your child about the importance of doing their best on this test. We do not want our Sparks to stress over it, instead, we want them to know that the test is important, that we want them to try their best and that we are here to support them.  

  • Ensure your child is at school the entire day. We kindly request that no student be picked up early on test days (Jan. 17 and Jan 19).