YES Prep Public Schools
We are the SPARKS

Elementary schools’ core values 

Each of our YES Prep schools have core values and our elementary schools will be no exception. Different from the secondary schools, all of our elementary schools will share the same core values as it perfectly encapsulates what our elementary students’ values and standards will be.   

YES Prep Elementary will be the SPARKS

S for Self-Aware

Sparks know our own selves.  We identify our emotions and thoughts. We seek to celebrate our strengths and understand our limitations. We have a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism, and a “growth mindset.”

P for Passionate

Sparks are passionate learners who explore new ideas with enthusiasm. We demand excellence of ourselves and others. Sparks are passionately proud of themselves and their communities.

A for Achievers

Sparks chase after excellence. They set big goals and they work hard to achieve them.

R for Relentless

Sparks never give up in pursuit of our dreams.  We never stop working to make the world a better place. 

K for Kind

Sparks seek opportunities to be kind to each other know that we must work together to create a joyful community. 

S for Safe

Sparks make safe choices for self, relationships and school.