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In August 2020, the “doors” opened to our first two elementary schools, North Central Elementary and Southeast Elementary, serving students kindergarten through second grade. Well on their way to keep students learning through the pandemic through virtual classes, we officially opened the actual doors to their schools on Tuesday, September 29, to offer in-person learning.

In May 2020, we announced the two additional schools opening in August 2021: North Forest Elementary and Southside Elementary. With the 2021-22 student lottery season opening soon, on November 2, we are excited to share that families will now be able to apply to enroll their student in pre-K at all four YES Prep elementary schools.

How to apply for pre-K 

Beginning November 2021 you can apply for a seat in our high-quality YES Prep pre-K program by submitting an application into our lottery system via SchoolMint.  In order to be considered, ALL applicants must be 4 years of age by or before September 1st. Your child must also meet one or more eligibility requirements as determined by the Texas Education Agency:

  • Free or reduced-price lunch program eligible
  • Unable to speak and comprehend English 
  • Homeless or unstable housing 
  • Is or has ever been in foster care 
  • Child of active duty member of U.S. Military branch or reserves 
  • Child of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, including state military forces or reserves, who was injured or killed while serving on active duty 

Importance of pre-K

With the addition of pre-K, YES Prep will begin to nurture and foster the minds of our youngest students yet, by providing a high-quality full-day pre-K program! Research shows that children who attend early childhood programs can be expected to:

three female students sitting on rug with teacher reading to them
  • Be better prepared for school
  • Have better attendance
  • Have fewer behavior problems
  • Have increased chances of learning to reading at an earlier age 
  • Develop important social and self-regulation skills
  • Have the foundation for brain development and future learning

Children who attend pre -K are ready to learn and become successful confident learners! YES Prep provides a wide variety of learning experiences that will lead students to success in their academic journey to and beyond college. YES Prep provides a wide variety of learning experiences that will lead students to success in their academic journey to and beyond college.

Virtual Classroom Tour

Due to COVID-19, our classroom tours have been postponed until further notice, in lieu of this, a virtual tour has been created for you! 

To begin, simply click on the video for an overview of our elementary classroom and how students who enroll in YES Prep join a family-oriented culture and have access to a quality education that incorporates strong supports for the whole child from elementary to secondary!


YES Prep Elementary Schools

YES Prep will open 10 new elementary schools over the next five years to provide the same quality education to families with younger children. Visit our Elementary Schools page to learn more about our history, upcoming events, and more!

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