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Support the Family Relief Fund

YES Prep family with two children

For many of our students, the path to and through college is hard even in the best of times, and an unexpected disaster can derail their postsecondary plans. It is difficult to stay focused on school when your family is in crisis. This is why YES Prep is committed to providing support to our families in times of crisis, so that our students can keep learning and continue moving forward on the path to college success.

YES Prep works in close partnership with a network of local nonprofits to provide the various kinds of support that our students and families need to get through various challenges. This ensures a well-coordinated response to family needs, prevents duplication of efforts, and makes the best use of available resources. Our Student Support Counselors ascertain what a family’s specific needs are, then determine who is best positioned to respond.

When a family’s needs go beyond what our partners can provide, YES Prep’s Family Relief Fund steps in. It is the next layer of the safety net. All current YES Prep families are eligible for assistance from the Fund if their needs occur as a result of a natural disaster or other qualifying event (death or medical emergency in the immediate family, etc.). An efficient process has been developed to assess family needs, determine how much assistance they will receive (based on losses incurred, number of people in the household, and other information), and distribute resources in a timely manner.

We hope you will consider making a contribution to YES Prep’s Family Relief Fund. Every dollar directly supports our students and their families, so your support will have an immediate and tangible impact.