Teaching Excellence

In order for our students to have the best education, our teachers must also have access to a comprehensive, quality professional development program that positions them for success.

To ensure that all teachers have the knowledge and skills needed to be effective with our students, YES Prep has created the Teaching Excellence Program.
A novice teacher development and certification program, Teaching Excellence provides rigorous and relevant training and individualized support that accelerates the development of novice teachers. Proven and adopted by schools aiming for higher standards, Teaching Excellence is responsible for more than 325 teachers serving YES Prep, KIPP Houston, Aldine ISD, Spring Branch ISD, BakerRipley (formerly known as Neighborhood Centers Inc.), Etoile Academy and Yellowstone Academy. Find out more on our microsite or read our FAQs.

Goals of the Teaching Excellence Program:

  • Accelerate teacher effectiveness in year one
  • Increase student achievement
  • Maximize campus and teacher engagement

Teaching Excellence is a five-part model which includes:

1. Induction  
Induction is the foundation of all teacher learning and development in the first year. With the goal of having you prepared on day one, teachers and coaches work together throughout the summer to prepare for setting up a strong classroom culture, establishing routines & procedures, instructional planning, and operating as a teacher leader.  

2.  Instructional Coaching  
The cornerstone of the Teaching Excellence program, each novice teacher is paired with an instructional coach to work with throughout the first year.  ICs will direct you through a curriculum that includes core instructional skills, tactics for day-to-day problem-solving, and tailored personal development.   

3. Professional Learning Saturdays  
An immense amount of learning must take place in the first stages of your teaching career.  To accelerate that learning, each month all of our teachers gather together for Professional Learning Saturday (PLS) focused on accelerated instructional and content pedagogy aimed at fulfilling both the instructional and classroom culture needs of your classroom.   

4. Professional Learning Modules  
Online Professional Learning Modules (PLMs) provide you with an opportunity to leverage the tools of Teaching Excellence directly in your classroom and on your campuses.  With an emphasis on a wide-range of topics and development areas from across the educational landscape, you are provided with research-based instructional practices you can leverage immediately.  

5. Certification  
Teaching Excellence has created a professional development schedule that both meets the Texas Education Agency requirements for certification hours and that aligns with the development of a novice teacher. TE will help ensure all certification candidates complete all necessary state requirements to obtain Texas Standard Certification within one year.  

1. How do I enroll in Teaching Excellence?
In order to enroll in Teaching Excellence, you must first gain employment at YES Prep or our partner organizations, Etoile Academy, KIPP Houston, Aldine ISD, Spring Branch ISD, Neighborhood Centers, Inc and Yellowstone Academy. You must also meet Teaching Excellence's minimum GPA requirement (2.5), content semester credit hour requirements, and/or pass the PACT exam. For more information, visit Teaching Excellence's website.
2. What time commitment is expected for Teaching Excellence?
Teaching Excellence teachers attend an intensive 2.5 week training program over the summer to be "Day One" ready. During the school year, they participate in bi-weekly coaching sessions with their instructional coach. They also engage in monthly professional learning opportunities, professional development tailored to the needs of each person through in-person Professional Learning Saturdays and online Professional Learning modules. For more information, visit Teaching Excellence's website.
3. When does Teaching Excellence begin?
Teaching Excellence begins in the summer with an intensive 2.5 week training program. TE Summer Induction will take place July 10th-26th, 2019.
4. What does Teaching Excellence cost?
Exact cost varies based on year and the teacher's track (ACP or non-ACP). Click here to determine your track. In 2019-2020, TE ACP teachers will commit $4,750, automatically deducted through paychecks bi-monthly for 20 pay periods. For more information, visit Teaching Excellence's website


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